With market forces dictating use of computer technology in more applications and integrated into highly sophisticated systems, the need for effective, efficient services are critical.


Differential Designs, Inc., with over 35 years, brings a wide breadth of expertise and experiences providing services to each client's development efforts. Our services span the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from actual development to devising the processes necessary for its development. This wide breadth allows DDI to effectively integrate our services into your development process, while efficiently meeting your needs.

We succeed by Formulating a solution which accomplishes your goals, Integrating that solution within your environment thereby Liberating focus towards other business related needs.


Software Development Services

DDI Range of Services

DDI provides software development services which span the full SDLC spectrum and range from bare metal focused low level drivers, through service to the applications layers. These services can involve the various customer and engineering facing roles, including:



Customer Interaction Solutions Architect
Software Design Software Programming
Software Testing Software Support



Software Development Process Services 

As systems have increased in functionality, the market’s expectations of system quality has followed. With experience assisting client’s certification efforts toward ISO-9001, CMMI and ASPICE, DDI follows their basic philosophy improving the process improves the quality of your product.

With extensive experience assisting our customers in meeting their certification efforts coupled with our vast range in developing products, DDI provides a unique insight that will assist you in not only meeting those certification efforts but accomplishing their intent in improving your product's overall quality. That unique insight not only will assist in devising processes tailored toward your needs, but generating the supporting documentation necessary for both certification and development purposes. 

DDI has a suite of services that assist clients in improving their software development process:

  • Gap analysis
  • Review existing project and process documentation specifications
  • Interface / interact coordination efforts with various departments
  • Reviewing existing information to assist in generating certification artifact