Differential Designs, Inc. is an engineering service provider and consultancy focused on developing and optimizing embedded software for real-time, memory critical electronic systems. With over 35 years' developing systems for various industries, applications and platforms, DDI can provide you a system that meets today's and lays the foundation for tomorrow's increasingly complex systems.


DDI brings to your development efforts a diverse range of industry and application experiences involving:


Automotive components IIoT Devices
Telematics platforms Consumer Electronics
Industrial Controls Communications Devices
HVAC Systems Factory Automation


This extensive range can be applied to such emerging industries as:

Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Augmented Reality
Bitcoin Processing Sensor Embedded Wearables
Enhanced Mobility Medical Devices
Virtual Reality Gaming Systems


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 These development efforts involve services including customer interface, requirements capture, architectural and design layout, programming, testing, optimization, reverse engineering, training and process improvement. And, as we often say, from bare metal to the applications layer.

Not only does our focus strictly pertain to technical aspects, we also systematically consult your business aspects. By insuring that deliverables are done on time, within budget while meeting all expectations, we focus on your project's Return On Investment now and for the future. This includes fully integrating into your development process, supplying detailed, easily understandable support materials and providing a robust system that meets today's requirements and tomorrow's challenges. This follows our philosophy of:


Actualizing your vision with over 35 years' experience